The whole of Pakistan is irked by power cuts nationwide. Already with mercury soaring high in the country, prolonged power outages have added to the misery of the citizens- that too in the month of Ramadan!

Apparently, one of our Lollywood veterans did not remain silent on the critical matter. So much so, the star dared to complain to Maryam Nawaz about no electric power in Lahore.

Any guesses who had the guts to do so?

It was none other than the beloved Pakistani star, Meera!


It all started when Maryam Nawaz tweeted this!

Apparently, Meera came across the tweet & hit back.

Well, Kudos to Meera for actually speaking on behalf of all of us! Pakistani is surely reaching new heights of development! But it is about time prolonged power cuts are stopped once and for all.

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