Is it just us or you guys have noticed it too that a chaos of a sort has erupted in Pakistan’s entertainment industry? The creme de la creme of the showbiz world has gone into an ultimate hibernation mood and really, that is NOT a good sign.

We did a lot of social media stalking and discovered some of our favorite stars appear to be bored, sad and tired! It’s like they are no longer active and have given up on their daily routine.

Many of them appear to be in a desperate need of a ‘pick-me-up’. We are really curious and we just can not help wondering that what has gone wrong with them all!

Mehreen Syed was the first who decided to take a break from the internet!

Shockingly, Feroze Khan who loves to gym does not feel like doing it anywhere.

The bubbly Minal Khan feels not-so-bubbly anymore!

Hibernation time. Going to switch off from the world for some time! #SwitchedOff

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Anoushey Ashraf too is lacking focus! 

Rising actress, Shazia Naz is in desperate need of a mental uplift!

It’s so dull and gloomy these days. In dire need of a spark, feeling completely #SwitchedOff #whattodo

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And to our utmost horror, VJ Hina Altaf too is taking a leave.

The heat is killing Ayesha Omer!

Anoushey was glad to know it was not just her who is feeling all down!

Man, what is wrong with them all? Just can not imagine all of them getting fed up from their oh-so-starry lives.

Their fans appear clueless about their sudden isolation!

It seems nobody is able to solve the mystery of all these celebrities zoning out.

But one thing we have noticed that they all have one thing in common and that is the #SwitchedOff! Now this mystery has turned even more complicated!

The enigma has taken social media by storm. Our stars appear really low on energy. Of course, it is really hard to be a full-time celebrity. May be the are trying to be more organized. Or is it an effort to de-clutter their lives?

But is for sure that they need a spark, like a jolt of energy to bring them back to life.

COME BACK, YOU GUYS! Especially Feroze Khan. We want our Pakistani Enrique back!