Faran Tahir, currently the Commander on Supergirl – a CBS network TV series, has not gone unnoticed by American royalty. President Obama has invited the talented actor, along with fellow American Muslims who have successfully contributed towards the betterment of the USA, to the grand annual Iftar party held at The White House on 22nd June 2015.

Hilary Clinton first started this tradition in 1996. Since then, every year, an Iftar is hosted during the holy month of Ramadan for the current American president to engage with the local Muslim community.

Regarding his attending the Iftar at The White House this year, Faran Tahir states, “I am very honored to be invited and to be counted amongst the prominent Muslims in the country who are breaking barriers and stereotypes. It also gives me the chance to engage the President of the United States in a dialogue about our pressing concerns in this country and around the world”. 

faran tahir

Faran Tahir, who has been based in the USA for several years now, has not only managed to become a successful Hollywood mainstream actor but also actively participated in causes that help create a positive image for Muslims worldwide.