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14 acts for Pakistan on 14 August

14 aug

Pakistan’s Independence Day has grave importance for all the people living in the country.  Despite endless problems that Pakistan faces today, each member living in the country has a love-hate relationship with it. 

It was with this objective that the 14 Acts for Pakistan come to life.  Designed by the Pakistani agency Creative Chaos, media partner FM89 and official sponsors Coke supporting the cause, the 14 Acts for Pakistan have been inspired by the infamous 14 points of Quaid-e-Azam that formed the basis for Pakistan. 

Launched on Facebook and Twitter, people were taught the significance of promoting the common good, allowing people to come together with the patriotic spirit. 

These acts give out the message that little efforts condense to do a larger good.

The campaign encouraged people can to do their bit by listing down 14 ‘little’ acts that they would do to help improve Pakistan.

The initiative required a couple of friends to come together and perform these ‘small’ acts suchas planting trees, helping elderly people, being nice to children by giving them candies and other kind gestures. 

The groups were asked to submit their ’14 acts list’ to [email protected] so that it can be published on the website. The hashtag, #14actsforPakistan was also introduced on Twitter to make the campaign viral.

For instance, if one wishes to spread love and reduce disparity , all they are required to do is give out candies to children.  While the act is small, it would make a big difference.

Facebook Mobile: Embedding a speech translator

facebook mobile

Facebook is expanding its horizons by embedding tools of translation and voice recognition after they acquire Mobile Technologies.

Mobile Technologies has been in the business of providing speech reception services for a long time.  It introduced the first speech-to-speech translator named Jibbigo for Apple’s iPhone.

Although no documentation nor the terms of conditions were disclosed, both companies announced their merger late Monday. 

“We believe this acquisition is an investment in our long-term product roadmap as we continue towards our company’s mission,” Facebook’s product manager Tom Stocky said.

“Voice technology has become an increasingly important way for people to navigate mobile devices and the web, and this technology will help us evolve our products to match that evolution” , he further added.

With both companies joining hands, not only would it bring Facebook to those people who are physically handicapped, but also attract more traffic to their page.



Yahoo celebrates 30-day change

yahoo 30 day

Yahoo is looking to revamp their entire look and feel for the website.  The website plans to change their logo by the 7th of the next month and redefine their purpose of existence. 

Yahoo was the pioneer in search engines even before Google was there.  While Google is no match in the world today, Yahoo still maintains its limited niche market, offering unique services and engaging audiences towards different tasks and activities. 

Yahoo is now invested in giving its website an entirely new and unique look and feel that would allow the website to appeal more to its audience.  

Unique logo styles, color combinations, a more interactive interface are some of the features that would allow it to renew its current look. 

Every day, since the beginning of the change campaign, it would change and revolutionize its logo and work towards renewing individual elements of the website.  Yahoo will reveal its new logo next month once this campaign is complete.

The founders and engineers of the website have collaborated with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, John Legend and Imagine Dragons to enhance their current page reception and other aspects.  

Also, the page is working in close collaboration with Tumblr that would allow it to further improve the current creativity visible on the website.  

Audiences and market watchers are excited to witness how Yahoo revamps its current offering and its strategy to come back with a bang.  Good luck Yahoo!

LG launches their new LG G2 Smartphone


LG unveils the new Smartphone, called the LG G2 Smartphone. This is the first Smartphone that has been unveiled under the “G” series to launch premium devices.   

Nearly 700 guests from 30 countries came over to support the launch the event.  The phone has been positioned with a variety of unique features and characteristics, giving it the right edge over the competition.

LG has taken the Smartphone industry up a notch with premium features such as a unique design, edge-to-edge display and practical experience.  

Another major aspect is the OIS resolution.  The phone is offering a camera resolution between the 4MP and 8MP.  With exquisite sound quality and surrounding studio reception, the increasing demand of multimedia content would be met with this new Smartphone.  

Finally, another addition that has made center-stage is the practical user experience (UX). LG G2 has made a big name with features such as ‘Answer Me’ where are being incorporated for the phone to become more useful and handy, along with ‘Slide Aside’ and ‘Text Me’.


THAI Brings Traditional Cuisine

thai cuisine

14th August 2013- THAI Airways recently updated its menu and incorporated THAI Cuisine in it. Its menu now holds 14 different THAI dishes which is sure to give the travelers a taste of THAI.

THAI has for long tried to deliver as much of its culture as possible and this recent development is just another step forward in its effort to bring THAI culture to the world.

Airlines today have adopted this trend which not only sets them apart but gives its passengers a choice of experiencing different cultures when travelling.

This practice has allowed many Airlines like THAI to be creative with their in-flight services and offer an experience that is different from its competitors. 

The inclusion of Thai cuisine will offer THAI airways an opportunity to provide its passengers an environment where they can truly feel welcomed. 

A Diet Coke please?

diet coke

Coca Cola looks to negate concerns, of consumers, regarding the ingredients used in diet Coke through its news campaign called ‘Quality and Ingredients’ which will initially be launched in Chicago and Atlanta, according to Ad Age.

The campaign has been produced by Citizen 2 including an advertorial titled “Quality Products You Can Always Feel Good About” which tries to play down the harmful effects that people associate with low and no-calorie sweeteners. 

The ad will be placed in media vehicles such as Atlanta journal and Chicago Tribune in August 2013.

The main apprehension that consumers have is regarding Aspartame, an element used actively in Coke production. The ad defends these sweeteners as “safe, high-quality alternatives to sugar.”

Coke does not want to lose its customers and hence, is trying to inform the target audience by using the prestigious print medium.

“We believe there is a real opportunity to bring people together to educate them about low- and no- calorie sweeteners,” a Coca Cola spokesperson said regarding the ongoing campaign.

According to the advertorial, an estimated 200 studies have supported the use of this element.   

Ranked as the number one brand for the year 2012, according to Interbrand, and producer of some unique campaigns, Coke continues to deliver excellence in its product category.

Ford directs employees towards a healthier lifestyle

Ford Directs

Ford has been encouraging its employees, to break free from their desk-job routine and help them to adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Almost a century ago, founder Henry Ford launched the initiative regarding the significance of how important health is for people working in the organization. 

Ford’s philosophy transcended into this week when the modern day Ford launched an upbeat project that would not only allow the employees to benefit the organization but also themselves. 

For employees that do not maintain a healthy lifestyle may fall prey to anxiety, blood pressure, vision loss and even, under chronic conditions such as heart attacks and stroke.  

Hence, to combat such known and unknown threats, Ford has designed and launched a two-year pilot program that would put employees onto surveillance and strict examination for known diseases and unrealized threats that they might be prone to. 

Nurses, physicians and physical instructors will assist employees around Detroit to assist and narrate health plans and goal for around 1,500 employees.

With this, not only is the company bringing employee empowerment, but is zealously looking ahead to improve the quality of its employees for better results.  

H&M makes its long-awaited online debut in the U.S.

H n M

H&M finally launched its online store in the U.S.  

The Sweden-based fashion store finally expanded its virtual business, looking ahead to target American customers. 

H&M has close to 300 stores located in the country.  The fact that online shopping is now becoming a necessity rather than a luxury is fueling business for categories like fashion and clothing.

With a physical presence of 48 stores globally, the inculcation of online shopping to their portfolio would allow the brand to expand its business and meet customer demands at length. 

Also, with online shopping officially launched, it would bring much more customer loyalty and increased customer base to the brand as it will become easier to capture new markets.

H&M has also introduced their new home store, covering items for interior decoration such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and others, available at premium prices.  

Through the incorporations of blogs, interviews and the overall experience that comes with the website, H&M is strengthening its online presence and also bringing more customers to its brand online.  

Honda appears to choose Nick Cannon as brand ambassador for Civic

Honda Civic

Honda plans to hire Nick Cannon in its new marketing campaign titled ‘Best Yourself’.

Cannon has been a popular TV sensation, anchoring the hit TV series ‘America’s Got Talent’.  By stars Heidi Klum and Howard Stern, Cannon has been storming the show with his charming, comic and composed comments, becoming the highlight of the show. 

Cannon has been approached by Honda to help them create a strong association with the audience.  Honda has been working together for maintaining a strong position in the automobile industry, delivering quality and performance.  

Honda and Cannon together show similar work patterns over the years as both of them show remarkable progress in their fields and are looking ahead for achieving excellence in their respective fields.   

Honda is naking use of multi-tier marketing approach with its ‘Best Yourself’ campaign.  

On one hand, this campaign would re-launch the company’s sales and boost the company’s image. While on the other, it would also create an association with newer audience that would bridge the gap between African-American segments. 

With the utilization of celebrity endorsements and brand ambassadors that not only would provide for a strong position in the market, but also create customer reception at the same time.

Cadbury India faces Allegation of evading INR 230 Crore in taxes


Cadbury India faces severe allegations of tax evasion for around three years which is estimated to be around $46 million. If proven guilty, Cadbury would not only be liable to pay all the evaded tax but will also face severe criminal charges.

Cadbury set up its factory in Himanchal, in 2005, to avail a ‘tax holiday’ scheme announced by Indian government to encourage companies to set up businesses in the country. However the holiday ended at March 31, 2010. 

In 2009 Cadbury claims to have expanded the business to another factory next to the existing one in Himanchal and assumed it to be under the tax holiday till 2019.

Indian Authorities asserts that the latter factory was not completely operational until the deadline hence it can not avail the holiday.

In response to the allegations, Cadbury lawyers said that they are currently reviewing the show-cause notice presented by the Excise department and will respond legally.

 ‘An expansion of the existent factory was misrepresented as a separate plan as a con for tax exemption,’ the Wall Street report quoted an unnamed former Cadbury Executive.

Indian Income Tax seeks to put a leash on the national budget deficit, consequentially aggressive tax claims against multi nationals like Shell, Vodafone and LG Electronics have surfaced.

Will BlackBerry resort to a buy-out?


The Canadian smart phone manufacturers Blackberry are reportedly warming up to the idea of going private. However strong the speculations maybe, it has yet to be announced officially. 

BlackBerry reportedly is in consideration to get in a buy out with the private-equity firm Silver Lake Management, infamous for the Dell Buyout. Blackberry officials meanwhile have maintained their silence in this regard.

The notion stands valid as company’s shares have fallen more than 19% this year already. Its market value has fallen to $4.8billion from $84billion at its peak in 2008.

Until last month the company’s CEO was hopeful, claiming BlackBerry is on the right track and only needed a little more time to fix its issues. 

The new line of BlackBerry 10 along with Z10 and Q10, although promising, could not turn it around for BlackBerry as the company’s market share continued to go downhill.

Investors now conclude that BlackBerry should start considering other options. Reportedly, private investors have been circling the company for almost two years now.

The BlackBerry Board Room might get a considerable breathing space if a buyout does take place. 

The company which once was a pioneer in smart phone Industry, suffered heavily first with the rise of Apple and Android, and second with the growth in MDM (Mobile Device Management) which enables BlackBerry’s rivals to work securely within the corporate walls.


WAAR – A Sneak Peak

WAAR - A Sneak Peak

With its theatrical trailer making internet debut more than a year and a half ago, WAAR has undoubtedly been the most anticipated movie of Pakistani Silver Screen. The movie made the headlines again as its release date was reported to be finalized finally, somewhere in late September this year. The Venture is produced by Mind Works Media and shot in collaboration with Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Based on Actual Events, the action drama revolves around Pakistan’s role in the war against Terror. The story unravels further when a massive terrorist attack threatens Pakistan, and the hopes of the country fall in hand of a veteran played by Shaan Shahid.

In 2011, when Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Bol’ made it to the Silver Screen of Pakistan – it bought something much more than fame to the Pakistani Cinema – it brought hope. Hope that there is appreciation for Pakistani filmmaking, if carried out with class, even in the overwhelming lights of Bollywood.

Directed by Bilal Lashari, a graduate of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, WAAR can be the next inspiration for the Pakistani film industry. Infamous for making some of the best rated music videos, Lashari also assisted Shoiab Mansoor in some of his major projects including the movie ‘Bol’.

Along with MindWorks Media, WAAR has been co-produced by Hunt Lowry, producer of “Donnie Darko” and Warner Brother’s smash hit “A Walk to Remember”, thus making the movie one of the heftiest projects of the country.

Waar New

With rumors of being released under the banner of Warner Bros, the movie is estimated to have crossed the production budget of PKR 170 million.

The star studded cast includes some of the most renowned celebrities of the country including Shaan Shahid, Ali Azmat, Misha Shafi and Shamoon Abbasi. The movie trailers and sneak peak, has reminded the audience of the class of these artists and why they are clichéd to be the only actors in Pakistan.

The 140 minute feature film has got the Pakistani audience on its hook with its Patriotic Trailers and impressive cinematic excellence. The film fanatics cannot seem to get enough over boasting the movie, even before its release.

To be fair, the branding of this action-packed venture has been carried out in an impressive way; with its promos living up to every expectation, with its uncompromised class and immaculate execution.

The only drawback seems to be the perfectionism of Lashari that has prolonged the release of the movie for about two years now. Movie fans can only hope and wait for what can be called the most awaited movie of the country.

Facebook Doubtful About Video Ads

Fb Video

Facebook has been looking to launch online video ads.  However, the risk of 1.1 billion users is making its decisions rather difficult to implement. 

Even though the amount earning that Facebook will make is substantial, the overall revenue generated is still under observation.  

Recently, all Facebook engineers and the president, Mark Zuckerberg, are looking ahead for finding substitutes that would make online video ads on Facebook rather appear less distracting.  

This decision has been pending, considering it is long-awaited that Facebook’s video technology also requires a boost and further improvement. 

Video would work as an important tool for those capturing people’s attention.  Visual content would not only attract people, but immediately create locking power, captivating the user’s attention.  

Considering the unmatched reach that Facebook offers, the incorporation of online video ads would allow the social network to further bring advertisers on board, making it a unique marketing opportunity. 

With company’s approval, Facebook would launch their online video ads, bringing exclusive content worth 15-seconds or more – a decision still debatable.

Twitter Joins Washington Lobbyists With Its Own PAC

Twitter Joins

Twitter is now directing its efforts by entering the lobbying platform.  The microblogging website is looking to influence political figures through the formation of a political action committee (PAC)

This committee would be named Twitter#PAC that would be dedicated to current issues related to politics and government agendas, raising awareness for cybercrime, the laws of copyright, freedom of expression online and Internet access. 

Twitter Spokesperson Jim Pressoner said “We expect to continue to play an active role in speaking up on issues related to internet freedom, government access to user data, patent reform and freedom of expression.”

Twitter has been involved in multiple freedom speeches across the world, giving people with orthodox political opinions a platform to discuss, debate and deliberate issues coiling the society.  

As Twitter participates in political activities; William Carty will become the first official lobbyist working with the website.  Carty has been working as a former aide for Republican members representing the Senate and House Commerce committees.

Previously, Twitter has shown interest in demanding evidence related to WikiLeaks, along with searching the evidence related to Occupy activists.    

With a formal representation of Twitter looks ahead for supporting political campaigns, it would bring together more people who would be able to influence others and also raise their demands to the Government.

Apple expected to show next iPhone on Sept.10

apple expected

After the success of iPhone 5, Apple is looking ahead to launch their new product revealing on the 10th next month.  

Apple will be revealing a new phone and an entirely new system simultaneously, adding to the company’s performance, considering the downfall that has been seen in recent days.

However, there are expectations that the recent Smartphone sensation Samsung is looking ahead to take over Apple’s current market.  

Samsung is looking to bring down Apple’s performance, just by a week, with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, unveiling in Berlin on Sept 4.

Fans and loyal customers of Apple are looking ahead with high expectations as to what new product is the company launching, such as the popular iWatch or the iPhone coming in different colors or sizes. 

Since the launch of the first Smartphone, Apple has faced tough competition from other brands available in the market.  Despite being the pioneer in the category, Apple is falling short of fulfilling customer demands.

Recapturing market share is a strategic objective.  If Apple does manage to introduce something innovative, original and appealing, it can come back in the Smartphone industry and retain the loyalty of customers once lost.   

Audi – shoots for the moon


German Brand – Audi AG seems confident on the widespread adoption of their luxury cars by stating that the brand will get a hundred and fifty thousand Audis out on the American Streets alone by the end of the year. 

The German brand plans on spending around $600 to $700 million on development and expansion, over a couple of years.

The brand hopes to hit its objective of selling 200,000 automobiles well before the previously aimed deadline of 2020, Scott Keogh, President of the Brand in America, revealed further to The Detroit News.

To justify the company’s stance, around 90,000 vehicles have already been sold in the first seven month this year. This implies a 13.6% growth in contrast to Audi’s last year performance by the same time.

Selling 150,000 vehicles this year will not only ensure Audi’s name in the record books, but will also substantiate the brand’s record-sales for the fourth consecutive year in America. 

Audi seeks to bring three compact models, to the very least, in the American market. The entry level A3 Sedan is to make its appearance in spring 2014 following which would be Q3-SUV and indefinitely the A3 Sport back five-door hatchback.

Volkswagen’s subsidiary, Audi – just a decade ago was selling around 80,000 vehicles per year in the US. However, the company sold precisely 139.410 vehicles last year. 



Honda Dives

Honda plans to raise community awareness regarding extinction of Drive Ins, where people used to come and watch movies on big screen while sitting in their cars, by initiating a projectdrivein.com which will gather crowd to try and save which was once the touchstone of Silver Screen History.  

The overwhelming existence of digitized media has left Drive Ins obsolete and hence comes Honda’s campaign titled ‘An American Icon is vanishing. We can help save it’.

The technology required to coup up with the ever evolving digital media is not only expensive but also in some cases improbable for a facility like Drive Ins. But since, automobiles have a long relation with Drive In, as the name suggests, it is not entirely uncanny for an automobile Tycoon Honda to come up with a campaign founded upon the resurgence of Drive Ins.

Honda will also donate digital projectors, which is estimated to cost $75,000 per screen, as a part of their crowdsourcing campaign. 

Once representing around a quarter of the entire American movie Screens, Drive Ins currently represents less than 1.5% of the same. 

Therefore, Project Drive in encourages people to share the awareness by using hash tags, by donating to help Honda contribute with more projectors and also by getting public pledges to visit a Drive In at least once

AT&T targets Leap Wireless to lower its tariff rates

AT n T

AT&T is looking forward to acquire Cricket’s parent brand Leap Wireless. 

Cricket has been in the business of providing quality, low-cost wireless services for customers, fueling its business through niche marketing. 

This acquisition would allow AT&T to further expand its business and reach the right audience and kick-start the company’s operations in its primary business of rendering internet services.

AT&T announced in mid-July that they are to acquire Leap Wireless in a $4 billion deal.

“The result will be increased competition, better device choices, improved customer care and a significantly enhanced mobile Internet experience for consumers,” spokesperson for AT&T Brad Burns said.

Cricket’s presence in 35 states has given the brand momentum by reaching customers that pay for unlimited voice minutes and other telecom services.

With AT&T’s acquisition, it would provide a revolutionized internet experience, leading to improved customer care, resulting in increased customer loyalty. 

Also, Cricket would continue to operate as an independent brand, maintaining its distribution networks and also their customers.  

Canon introduces budget-friendly camera


Canon launches a budget-friendly camera PowerShot A2500 in Dubai for customers who are looking for a quality camera at an affordable price.  

The PowerShot comes with a 16MP lens, along with a Digic 4 image processor. The camera is equipped with a 5x optical zoom and a 10x ‘ZoomPlus’ digital zoom.  

Despite these features, images tend to come out blurred or disintegrated, due to the absence of Optical Image Stabilization.  Also, once you zoom in to capture a picture, image pixels tend to spread out, hindering the resolution.

Another advantage that comes with this Canon camera is the 125gms body weight.  This would help the photographer in keeping his/her hand stable while capturing an image and also makes it manageable during travel.  

The positioning associated with Canon’s PowerShot A2500 is that it will continue to deliver quality performance for the middle class tier. 

Finally, the product has been priced for Dh349, targeting the market that is interested in standard image quality, capturing pictures with available lighting and majorly share photographs on the web.   

Love for Cricket? Be Pakistani, Watch Pakistani


When it comes to cricket, there should be no doubt that Pakistani nation is passionate about it. You can see children and adults playing street cricket alike, aspiring to be professional, enjoying every match and celebrating every Pakistani victory on streets and loss in beds as they tweet away their frustration.

Pakistanis, across the globe, follow national team on every tour from the comfort of their home. Everyone is super excited; biting their nails as the not-so-young Zulfiqar Babar hits six on the last ball and giving tough competition to commentators by the non-stop verbal rants.

The enthusiasm of the nation can be gauged by comparing the average TV ratings of cricket matches played by Pakistan with match between two foreign countries. For instance the average TV ratings of a match in year 2012, was 2.24, which is quite substantial.

Especially in case of Pakistan versus India series in December 2012 rating went as high as 4.3 which is overwhelming, and was due to the traditional rivalry between both the countries.

cricket pakistan

Pakistani’s are naturally more enthusiastic about their team’s performance and this was evident in this year’s ICC Champions Trophy. Average rating of Pakistan’s matches, during the tournament, was 1.5 as compared to the 0.5of eliminating round matches where Pakistan was absent from the tournament. This tournament’s low ratings were due to the poor performance of Pakistan team and its early exit from the tournament.

Moreover, the T20 format sensation, IPL, is very exciting and has immense support and following in the cricket community.  However, in Pakistan this tournament has only an average rating of 0.9, which is far below the entertainment it provides to the cricket lovers around the global.

One reason for low ratings is the absence of Pakistani players from the tournament. So it is safe to assume that average Pakistani cricket fan is more interested in seeing Pakistani player on the cricket field as compared to other cricketers surrounded by glittery cheer leaders.

It is evident from the above stated statistics that Pakistanis have a flare for cricket but they are more interested in watching their home team playing in the international tournaments and cricket series rather than following every other team or event in the cricket world.

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