The anonymous posting app, ‘Sarahah’ that seems to have taken the online world by storm is an app called ‘Saharah’ and the Internet is both, confused and amused with what it has caused.

‘Sarahah’ literally means honesty in Arabic, and there is no one in the world itching, to be honest… scratch that, anonymously honest, more than Pakistanis. Which is why it’s understandable that an app like Sarahah caught attention in Pakistan. The app has a whopping 18 million downloads to date.

Alarming Revelations About Sarahah!

Apart from honest feedback and anonymous comments, the app has been doing much more than that. The app that is secretly bringing you a horde of information is also downloading your personal data without your approval and is uploading it to the company’s servers. It has now been reported to upload the private data on the phone which includes the email and phone’s contacts.

A security analyst at Bishop Fox’s School, Zachary Julian was the one who discovered this security breach after installing the app on his phone. 

The owner of Sarahah tweeted the following in reply to the allegations: 


He further adds,

However, the app has not been deceiving users completely, as it does ask for permission to access your contacts on iOS and Android. If a user decides to not give permission they could still go on to download the app.

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