There has been an increasing trend in the market these days regarding fruit drinks and juices, every other brand has its own line of packaged juices which are available to the masses in stores.

The packaging boasts of ‘pure’ and ‘100% fruit juice’ which has been caused to mislead consumers resulting in deceptive marketing. Therefore, the Competition Commission of Pakistan has issued Show Cause Notices to six fruit juice manufacturers. They have violated Section 10 of the Competition Act, 2010.

The Six Juice Manufacturers Sent Show Cause Notices

1.Nestle Pakistan Limited

    “100% Orange Juice” on the packaging of its product ‘Nestle Fruita Vitals Orange Juice’.

2. Shezan International Limited

    The company has printed ‘100% juice’ and ‘Rich in Vitamins’ on the packaging of its product line ‘All pure’

3. Citropak Limited

    The juice brand ‘Fruiten’ uses a tagline of ‘100% Pure’ which is a false claim.

4. A.F International

    Topix by AF Intl has, ‘Mango 100%’ and ‘Pure Fruit juice’ posted on its packaging.

5. Sunland Foods

    The company has claimed their brand Fruit Farm’s Guava Juice is 100% pure and so is their Mango juice. It further claims it is Rich in Vitamin C and contains natural flavors without artificial flavors.

6. Maaher Food Industries

    A popular brand, Country by Maaher Food Industries labels its juices with ‘From 100% Pure Fruits’

CCP Research and Findings:

    The CCP took the initiative to take action after receiving numerous complaints against these fruit juice/drink manufacturers against the advertising they had been using that has been found as deceptive.

The brands were claiming the following, without giving any justifications for it:

  • 100% Pure and Natural
  • Rich in Vitamins
  • No added sugar, colors or preservatives

The six companies have been found to be making unjustifiable claims about their juice products.

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