You shopping ads

Youtube just rolled out new Shopping Ads right in time of holiday and shahdi season. You will see Carousel ads between the video and home page.

Google announced about the new ads in the first week of November and we saw the first ever Puma Ad on Youtube just yesterday.

These shopping ads will let the brands market their products and services right on the home page and search result.

For example if your search about your interest in the search bar you will get the suggestion of the products you can shop from the brand.

This is an amazing news for all the brands and specially our local ones. As we have almost 73% online Pakistani users on Youtube daily. This is a huge chunk of audience that you can advertise too with just one ad.

Youtube works as the second largest search engine after Google. The audience present on this platform is not just vast but also extremely versatile. You can target different class, age group, gender and even socioeconomic status with in the app. Google also added, the ads on the platforms will be shown according to the interest.

Meaning, a consumer who watches food videos will be shown suggestion from food brands. Similarly if somebody is interested in sports will get the sports related brands suggestions and the one interested in fashion will get clothing and accessories brands.

Also, as per the stats, 72% of the consumer would like to watch a video to learn something then reading it online. This stretches the horizon to another level for media advertisers and bring endless opportunities.

Right now the first one to jump on this Shopping ad update, was Puma. They seize this opportunity as soon as Youtube rolled out this option. But we are sure the video app/website will soon be filled with unlimited product suggestions.

In the age of social media, we see many social networks making it super easy to shop products from their platform. Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and even Tiktok are namely the networks that allow their audience to shop using visual ads. Youtube is being the biggest off them all is just taking the leverage to push visual ads.

Google also mentioned that as a bigger update the video platform will be used to connect customers to brands more easily. This Shopping Ad update will soon be available in Pakistan.

Do you guys think local consumers will be accommodated by this Shopping Ad update on Youtube? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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