Over the weekend, Aamir Liaquat invited Meera on his entertainment program “Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga” on Bol TV. Since then, he has created a stir on social media and for all the wrong reasons.

Apparently, his encounter with Meera became quite controversial. People are obviously not happy with Aamir Bhai’s impromptu conversation with the Lollywood lady. While the video went viral and many enjoyed it a lot, very few celebrities spoke against the whole cringe-worthy incident!

The latest to raise her voice on the matter is singing sensation, Momina Mustehsan

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And she said it exactly what most Pakistanis believe about the whole episode!

Even Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy appeared totally appalled by Aamir Bhai’s behavior.

For those who have don’t know about Aamir Liaquat & Meera’s encounter! this is what happened:

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