Yesterday was a frightening experience for the Na Malom Afraad actor Mohsin Abbas Haider as all his personal data got hacked, as reported by the star on Instagram.

Later, the hacker posted all of his personal information in a fake account on Instagram and started messaging his family members.

As soon as the actor smelt something fishy, he immediately informed his fans and followers and requested them to report and block the fake account.

He took to his account and wrote:

Ok so here is this guy who just hacked all my personal data and using it on social media with all this crap and texting me and my wife.

He further informed that the actor has already filed a complaint against the hacker. He added:

We have already proceeded the case as cybercrime. U guys can report this @mohsin_fraud account. Thanks.

Have look at the post:

mohsin abbas haider

This is not the first time that an actor had to face this. Earlier the Teefa in Trouble actress Maya Ali also became prey to hackers and it created an uproar on social media.

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