Mentos Kiss – Don’t Let Your Breath Announce Your Arrival Print Ad!


Mentos recently launched its creative campaign “Mentos Kiss; Salami” in Israel. The campaign is designed by McCann Erickson, Tel Aviv, Israel. Mentos Kiss, ties together two interactive sites, the Mentos Kiss Cam, and the Mentos Kiss Fight, and is supported by a number of interactive banner advertisements and online films. Pefetti Van Melle has been aligning the Mentos mint with intimacy in a range of online Mentos-powered kissing experiences. It’s a celebration of extraordinary kissing, the kind of kissing you can only perform if you chew cool, fresh Mentos gum and candy. “There’s nothing like a Mentos kiss”.

  • BRAND: Mentos
  • AGENCY: — Not Available —
  • CAMPAIGN TYPE: Print Campaign
  • CATEGORY: Business