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Meet 13-year-old, Usman Rafique who is Pakistan’s youngest vlogger. Usman is from Lahore and has about 62 videos on his YouTube Channel as of now.

During unprecedented times when we are not aware of what the future holds for us, finding Usman’s vlog on YouTube is nothing less than a breath of fresh air.

During eight months, Usman has earned 6.29k subscribers on his YouTube channel with his innocent and straightforward content. He says he tries to upload at least three videos every week as the process of shooting and editing takes time.

“I wish I could upload a video every day, but editing takes a lot of time, so that’s why I made three videos a week.”

How did Usman Begin his Journey? 

“One day, I was studying at home and took a break to watch some YouTube videos, and I saw Cassey Neistat, which made me think, why can’t I do this? I spoke to my cousin and asked him if I could, and he said yes and set up the channel. After that, I started making videos. My cousin helps me a lot,” says Usman while speaking to a leading source.

He added, “When I was younger, I had many goals like to be a pilot or a doctor or a soldier, but as I grew older, I learned more and more about what to do. My real goal in life is to be happy.”

Watch Usman’s Viral Vlog “My government school vlog | the hardest vlog ever” here: 


You can watch more exciting content from Usman here.

On another note, we think Usman’s YouTube Channels name, “Middle-Class Usman Rafique,” just proves how creative the young boy is. He sure has outdone himself for a 13-year old.

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