When the Dabangg star and philanthropist Salman Khan has made headlines! No, he did not smash another Box Office record, but, because he has been sentenced to 5 years in prison!

Salman Khan was sentenced to jail for killing a Blackbuck some 20 years back, which initiated a debate on all platforms including social media.

While most of the Indian celebrities refrained to talk about this controversial verdict, our very own Mawra Hocane raised her voice in favour of Salman Khan.

She expressed her disappointment against the verdict on Twitter, writing, “In a world with no “NO” human rights, a great human being is being punished for killing an animal umpteen years ago under animal rights.”

She further added, “Bash me all you want, but there’s something completely wrong about it.. mind you such human beings are our saving grace! #SalmanKhanVerdict”.

Her tweet in support of Salman Khan initiated another debate on Twitter, some started to remind her about Salman Khan’s involvement in a hit and run case and some said that Pakistan itself has plenty of problems that we need to talk about.

Social Media Reacts to Mawra Hocane’s Tweet

Be it the issue of Syria or banning Bollywood films, the starlet has always been expressive to talk against any injustice in any corner of the world.

Talking about the supporters of Salman Khan, she is not the one who is raising her voice.

Look at what people have to say about the verdict.

Even Music Composer Adnan Sami had Something to Say

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Written by: Hira Ahmed