Low-Priced Petrol Scheme Is Under Works, Says Musadik Malik

Petrol has now become one of the most expensive resources in Pakistan. It won’t take long before we see everyone cycling to their work and or school. Unlike the economy of Pakistan, petrol prices increase almost every other day. As a result people’s frustration and hopelessness also grow and that too by the minute. But fortunately, Musadik Malik, Minister of State for Petroleum has claimed that low-priced petrol schemes are in the works. However, the final verdict will be out once this is discussed with careful consideration alongside other stakeholders.

Image Source: Daily Pakistan

While speaking to the media, the minister mentioned that several proposals were being considered to facilitate eligible citizens, such as utilizing the BISP network, issuing subsidy cards, or generating one-time passwords. The state news agency also reported that petroleum dealers had presented some suggestions. The ministry was carefully reviewing all of the suggestions and would choose the most practical ones in consultation with stakeholders, to ensure effective implementation of the relief scheme.

Additionally, the minister stated that the petroleum dealers association and trade bodies were cooperating with the government to ensure an adequate supply of POL products and prevent black marketing and hoarding of fuel. He emphasized that the government would not tolerate such illegal activities and would take strict action against them. However, if this is just “all talk and no game” and no implementation then people are yet to be disappointed again.

Other than petrol, Pakistani citizens are also deprived of gas and electricity for more than half of the day. They do not have good transport or even good roads as a matter of fact. Regarding the gas shortage issues since winter, Musaid Malik stated that ways have been developed based on the consumption of natural gas, which would protect 60 percent of consumers with lower consumption levels. However, for those who consume more than 0.9 cubic hectometers of gas volume, the rates would increase. The speaker also emphasized that the gas tariff had been raised only for those who could afford it, while low-income and middle-class consumers were not burdened with the increased rates.

Image Source: The News International

The minister also admitted that Pakistan and Russia’s discussions regarding crude oil had been going well. So it can be expected that Pakistan will receive crude oil in the next month or so.

Whether this is just another one of many excuses by the government or will conditions actually get better, only time can tell. But let us know what you think in the comment below.

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