From amongst many local brands, Lipton has made a notable contribution by setting up stalls in Karachi to provide iftar items with a cup of Lipton tea, to those who were unable to reach their homes, be it due to traffic or their duties on the road.

From those stuck in their cars in long lines of traffic to the policemen doing their duties to keep the city safe, Lipton went out to everyone and distributed Iftar packets with a cup of tea to help them break their fasts and freshen up on the go.

Watch how Lipton transformed Iftar for Karachiites stuck in traffic jams:

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These contributions may seem small on the whole but they most definitely had a significant impact when death rates were soaring unusually high in the earlier days of Ramadan.

Ramadan, this year, was by far the toughest one Pakistanis had to endure in decades.

Other brands such as Olper’s and Mcdonalds have also made sustained efforting Ramadas dur

Not only were the fasts long but the scorching hot weather took a toll on everyone too. Added to this were the usual Pakistani problems of load-shedding, days-long power breakdowns, water shortages and inflation.

While Muslims in Pakistan struggled to survive the holy month, many food and beverage brands worked to help make it all easier for the less fortunate ones.

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It’s good to see corporate brands going out of their way to help the people of Pakistan when authorities would not pay heed to our problems.