AUG 19th, 2013 – LinkedIn is looking to expand its business by creating a platform for college students.

From September 13, LinkedIn will permit users of age 14 and above to sign up, on the networking site, so that they can interact with different colleges and universities.

Around two hundred universities have adopted this initiative, and thousands more are joining in to give a thriving platform to youth. Students will be able to communicate with the alumni to get a better picture of the college and the field they want to pursue.

This interaction will keep them updated about the important dates and procedures essential for entering a university or a college. 

It will also help them choose and get internships and other extra-curricular activities which can substantiate their college application form.

On the other hand, it would persuade multinational corporations to capture this young market.  They would be able to communicate, discuss and also arrange activities encouraging students to join in and make their career choice.  

Online interaction is an important tool that people are now actively using to maintain their presence and create rapport.

This means that though face-to-face conversations have been an effective way of communicating with people, social networking is the new name of the game.

With the world at a person’s doorstep, major changes in educational institutions and child grooming can be expected.