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Based in South Korea, the tech giant LG is known for its innovation. This time it is rollable TV.

Yes, you read it right!

This tech brand has already made and circulated rollable TV within South Korea a year ago. But now, they are expanding it and sending it to their US consumers. But what is a rollable TV?

Saving Space with LG

So, we are all familiar with flat TVs, right? This one is also a flat TV. But the idea it comes from is saving space. You may be wondering how much exactly does a flat-screen TV occupies space. But you are thinking in terms of surface area. A flat TV does occupy vertical space. Hence, LG presents the solution for saving that. But you need not worry because it doesn’t compromise on the display. The TV will be big, but when you are not using it, it slides down into a compartment fitting itself by rolling.

Worth What?

The idea is excellent indeed, and looking at the video, it does seem neat. But paying $115,000 is a little extra, don’t you think? I mean, you can totally get a similar width and height TV just without the rolling feature for much, much less. Not only that, the function of TV is to entertain you, so if you are paying more for a TV, it should be because of some entertaining feature.

That said, it sometimes does happen that a huge TV right in the center may ruin the interior of the place. And if you are someone who is either very particular about the interior decoration or you are someone who has a few grands lying around, then you should totally opt for the rollable TV. They are calling it LG’s new Signature R OLED television.

The price for the US is not decided yet. But comparing its price in South Korea, we find that the TV cost 100 million won, which amounts up to $114,837. If they maintain the pricing, then the TV should cost $115k. The company has informed the consumers that if they are genuinely interested, they should try calling up the brand to find out.

The question now is: would you?

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