lays flavours ad

The Lays Flavors of the World campaign features Ahmad Ali Butt taking on three of Pakistan’s current favorite celebrities in a taste test sampling the exotic new flavors that draw inspiration from different regions around the world – Oriental Kimchi, Turkish Yogurt & Herb and Greek Tzatziki.

The flavors are as new to the taste-testing actors as they are going to be for the Pakistani audience, and when they are asked to guess the flavors on screen while resisting Ahmad poking fun at them, it’s simply amusing to watch.

In candid takes, Ahmad Ali Butt challenges the celebrities one by one to guess the region of origin for each flavor, while throwing in props as clues. The fun banter that ensues resonates well both with Lays light-hearted brand personality and a young fun-loving audience.

While Sarwat’s expressive personality was worth watching the video again and again, Urwa’s inner-blonde is what got the audience laughing the most.

Watch their videos below:

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Another surprise was seeing Adnan Malik’s wit matching Ahmad’s. The two play out against each other in comical animosity.

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Humorous, fun and relevant with the right hint of brand recall, Lays Pakistan has pulled off a winner with their Flavors of the World campaign. Kudos to the brains behind it!

Contributed By: Anam Mahmood