Lala Textiles, one of Pakistan’s chic brands,has been diversifying their product portfolio. Recenty they have launched Volume 2 of an exclusive line of Kurtis called Magnifique, which are available at all mainstream retail outlets of Pakistan.

The collection is winter-based, depicting Persian paisley and botanical patterns with fabrics of Khaddar and Linen in 10 unique, embellished designs. The range includes embroidered shirts, borders, extra sleeves and embroidered patches. In 2014, LALA has expanded across India and the Middle East. In addition to that, they have also expanded their presence in Pakistan by launching shop-within-a-shop outlets at chief clothing stores across Pakistan. The brand is all set towards creating a more authentic and widely recognized presence in the near future.

At the launch of Magnifique Volume 2 Kurti Collection, CEO Pervez Lala has stated, “2014 has been a busy year for Lala Textile, in which we expanded our local and international outreach through many targeted initiatives. We introduced quality collections (S/S, Fall/AW, and Winter) and have participated at different fashion exhibitions including Anical 2015 Aalishan Lifestyle Exhibition, FPW6, Pakistan Fashion Week Dubai et al to further augment our brand presence. Honoring our commitments to our patrons, we have purposefully strived to increase the accessibility and wearability of the Lala brand through innovations in textile, an end result of which are collections such as our newest line, the Magnifique Vol 2 Kurti collection which is a representation of quality lawn and versatility.”

The brand launched in te year of partition in 1947 and today has branched into 7 varied brand names, which collectively provide a range of summer, midsummer and winter-suiting fabrics. Best known for their manufacturing and retailing of standardized quality textiles across Pakistan, Middle East, the U.K., Bangladesh and India, Lala Textiles has now become a seasoned brand which accounts for custom prints and quality materials.


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