According to Pakistan’s Metrological Department, the temperature in Karachi is likely to go as high as 41 degree Celsius on Tuesday.

Already the temperature today has reportedly increased to 38-degree celsius. According to, MET office has warned that mercury levels will continue to soar, starting from Tuesday till Thursday.

What is more, Weather Update PK has also released a heatwave warning for Karachi!

Now PMD has notified the citizens about the scorching weather in the metropolis and have advised about precautionary measures to beat the heat! People are advised to stay indoors and avoid going out in the sun. Karachiites have been forewarned to increase water intake to avoid heatstroke!

Sindh’s public hospitals have been put on high alert as the weather has turned unexpectedly hot!

Heatwave Alert: Karachi to Face Worse Climate in History!

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