Car battery charging in 5 mins
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Every day, technology is advancing well. It is rising up to the mark and going beyond faster than ever. Today, we have a car battery that can fully charge in just five minutes!

In this regard, we can note that a lot of technology being used is being made for convenience. Humans wish to make things slightly easier for them, so they come up with smart solutions. It is not something ordinary, rather quite extraordinary. The ability to take a problem and solve it in ingenious ways is one of the top human functions.

With the electric era approaching, it is important to make efficient technology. Even if you don’t think much of electric technology, you may begin to notice it more and more as the years progress. In light of this, a new car battery is out!

Car Battery charging fast
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Car Batteries:

There are three things that are extremely essential in a car. The first thing is the wheels. Without these in good condition, you cannot expect a long running car. Then there is the brakes. One cannot move well enough if their brake is not optimal. Too much air could be a problem. Thirdly, the car battery is extremely essential. Not reaching enough voltage can be a cause for concern. Too much on and off can even cause it to go down.

So, what is this new kind of battery that everyone is talking about? Apparently, it is said to charge in just five minutes! How can that be even possible? What technology are they employing in this? We have to dive into some of the details to understand.

Charging In 5 Minutes:

StoreDot is the name of an Israeli manufacturer of Lithium ion batteries. They have developed a battery that can charge as fast as a combustion engine car can refuel. They have done this with the intention of reducing ‘Range Anxiety’s among electric car drivers. It is a major concern and we are glad it is being addressed.

The company has developed a lot of technology for other devices as well. This includes cell phones as well as drones. However, with this new development, they are now moving into the automobile domain. It seems like quite an impressive jump, considering that electric is where the future is headed. The age of the combustion engines might have begun its end.

Extraordinary Capabilities:

This shows that technology is evolving at a substantial rate. Where we used to think of going to the moon, the world plans to land on mars. Thus, this battery shows a lot of room for potential and improvement. It can even be said that batteries may even get smaller too.

We hope that we get to see more innovations, like these, as the year progresses. It doesn’t matter which domain they may be in. What counts is that people are making an effort to move forward. Maybe we see technology one day that doesn’t even rely on batteries. Imagine that!

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