By Zenub Ayaz

No matter what we say or do, deep down we all love stereotypes or if not love, we surely are accustomed to stereotypical crap like Pathans can’t think, Women can’t drive, Punjabis have accents, & Indians are our enemies.

#ilovestereotypes is a new, much comical and fun campaign started by Khala Juttmental. Khala juttmental is the facebook’s new fictional character and her tag line is, “karte sub hain, phir bante bhi sub hain”.

Previously, there was a campaign run by, which focused upon breaking stereotypes. Whereas #ilovestereotypes is a Pakistani attempt to mock down an intellectual move by some sane minds- in the name of entertainment- as we repel intelligence- SUCH PATHAN KHOPRIS WE ARE!

Let’s take a look at some of the most deeply rooted clichés. One can laugh at them but to some extent each one of us agrees with them- AND THAT’S JUST MISERABLE!

1. The fairer sex is a bit slow in the brain department.. is it so Ladies?

stereo 2
2. America Has Blondes and We have Pathans; Simply Mean and Cliche’!

stereo 3

3. Yes, We hate our government, nothing new about it.

stereo 4

4. That’s not us, but the people who think this way.

stereo 10
5. To all our, Memon friends out there! Please don’t hate us.

stereotype 6
6. Hmm, and we shall maintain our silence here.

stereo 8
7. and here too..

stereo 7
8. Oh yes, the most common one!

stereo 5
9. And that’s because Karachi is Karachi and Lahore in NOT Karachi

stero 9
10. This one was more of an ‘Election Fever’, not so true anymore, is it?


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