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After the phenomenal success of ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai‘, Pakistan’s classic drama serial ‘Humsafar’ featuring Fawad Khan and Mahira has stirred a wave of enthusiasm among the Indian audience.

The last episode of the serial, aired on last Saturday, 8th Nov, 2014 on Zee Zindagi received a massive positive response for its brilliant chemistry between Fawad and Mahira.

See how Indian crown responded to Humsafar’s last episode: 

The indian audience was so taken away by Mahira’s beauty and elegance that right after the airing of the last episode, there was a burst of tweets praising Mahira her work.

To honor Mahira Khan, Zee TV hosted a competition on its Twitter account with the hashtag #MadforMahira; the fans were asked to tweet about Humsafar and Mahira, the selected ones were then awarded with a chance to meet the stunning actress in Mumbai.

Let’s have a look at what the fans had to say about Mahira:


Mahira’s rising fame in India makes her chances in Bollywood all the more exciting! Are you waiting for Mahira’s debut movie in Bollywood?