After a hiatus of 3 years, the celebrity duo of Aisha and Ahsan Khan are back with a bang on our television screens in Hum TV’s upcoming drama “Tumharay Siwa”.

Penned by the popular poet Wasi Shah and directed by the actress Sakina Samo, the romance saga revolves around the story of four friends, with fates entwined in the midst of their bond.

Apart from the leading Khans- Ayesha and Ahsan, the celebrity cast comprises of Noor Hasan, Mansha Pasha, Salina Sipra and Lubna Aslam.

Watch the promo of the serial Tumharay Siwa here.

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The plot weaves a story around close childhood friends, Captain Aazar and First Officer Arsal. Their brotherly love is strengthen as they marry on the same day and even their wives are best buddies. Arsal and his wife Samra always turn to Aazar and Rania in times of need and uncertain life situations

Listen to OST of the drama here.

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The tables turn when Arsal finds out that Samra is suffering from cancer and requires urgent treatment overseas. While Arsal’s medical policy fails to cover his wife’s medical expenses, his close companion Aazar goes out of the way to help his friend.

However, even his life savings are insufficient to save Samra’s life.  The twist in the tale arises when Aazar builds up a plan to help his buddy, but does not find his wife Rania supporting the idea.

Will the three friends be able to save of their dear friend Samra? 

You can tune into the 23 episode Tumharay Siwa, on HUM TV every Friday, 20:00 PST.