Pakistan celebrated its 70th Independence yesterday. For Pakistanis, 14th August is a day one can never forget because of the struggles of our ancestors gave us a separate identity.

We never wanted to create a rift between the 2 nations. Hence, there have been many initiatives by both, India and Pakistan to bridge the gap between the two countries.


Our celebrities have gone to India to be a part of their film industry and that step towards friendship and peace has been appreciated through out, although many ups and downs.

There is one celebrity in India who received a major backlash from Pakistani’s for tweeting against Pakistani team during the India-Pakistan final on June 18th. He apologized for it and everything went back to normal.

Yes, we are talking about Rishi Kapoor! Playing the role of Santa Claus he has done something ‘sweet’ for his Pakistani fans and friends. He has wished Pakistan on Independence Day and that too a day in advance. Let’s look at what Rishi Kapoor tweeted;

Offering a hand in return, our very own Mawra Hocane, also wished India on its Independence day.

Following Mawra’s step, the super talented Mahira Khan along with the exquisite Humaima Malik wished the neighboring country on its independence day.


We would like to thank Rishi Kapoor for this lovely tweet. And in return wish India a very happy independence day as well and hope that we keep this peace and brotherhood between the neighboring countries for good.