The smell of cows and goats is in the air, stacks of hay and beaded jewelry items are adorning the streets, the whirrs of dancing bells with crowd cheeringgaey aa gai, gaaey aa gai’ have started to appear.

Yes, Bakra Eid 2076 is just around the corner and it is evident with the excitement illuminating the faces with each passing day. Trips to bakra/cow mandi with friends and relatives is indeed the highlight of this Eid. The lookout of an appropriate animal (when the mandi is talking to the sky) is tough but equally entertaining.

There’s nothing that can replace the joy of bringing animal home while hanging in the stinking van. But if you are one of those who find these task hectic and usually depend on others for getting an animal, there’s an option – buy your animal online.

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Yes, after the success of shadi online and other e-services, you can find an animal online too.

A simple google search of ‘bakra/cow mandi’ will give you numerous options to choose from. However, sites that capture my interest are:

1. Qurbani online

qurbani online

With an aim to sell almost 100,000 animals online this year, Qurbani Online is one of the most organized websites to buy an animal for sacrifice.  All you have to do is select the animal, breed, and weight you want and the site will tell you the amount.

You can get an animal delivered at your place or request the site to sacrifice it for you and send you the meat. Launched in 2006, currently, QurbaniOnline provides sacrificial services to Pakistanis living anywhere in the world.




It’s that time of the year when Eid-ul-Azha is just round the corner. Living thousands of miles away, in a foreign land you’re stressing about a religiously certified source to purchase cows and goats. Worry no more because is certified by respected scholars and Muftis offering services for Eid-ul-Azha, Sadqa, Aqiqa, and Charity.

To add to the goodwill, it is your ultimate solution to reach out to poor and deliver meat to needy and underprivileged Muslim brothers.


buy cow online 3_resize

If you live in any other city, you can still get a goat bleating at your doorstep for an additional two or three thousand. also has a great collection of goats and cows for sale. The animals are up for grabs from different corners of the country at different prices. 

Buying an animal online is easy but it requires the same knowledge and sensibility you need to make a purchase from mandi. Do a proper research, check the authenticity of ad and don’t let anyone fool you.


   eid qurbani
 If distance is pulling your nerves, don’t stress because this website quenches your thirst for purchasing cows and goats for Qurbani purposes and Eid-ul-Azha. This space conveniently extends services to the UK, USA and Canada. To reinforce your confidence Qurbanis are shown live via photos and coverage of animal slaughter.


bakra online has a wide range of goats, lambs, cows and camels which are categorized according to their age and weight. 

The website offers an order form for a hassle-free delivery. The animals are transported from the farm and sent to address of location once the payment is recieved

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