Honda Vezel vs Toyota CHR – Which One Should You Buy?

Honda Vezel vs Toyota CHR - Which One Should You Buy?

In the last decade, a new category of vehicles has made its way into the market. People before used to only go for Sedans, Hatchbacks or SUVs. However, with the rising prices of each vehicle, SUVs became quite unaffordable for a lot of people. However, companies then began to introduce a new class of vehicles to the market. Honda was one of the frontrunners who began to showcase the Crossover category of cars.

A crossover is a vehicle that is mid-way between a sedan and an SUV. You get the affordability of the sedan but the luxurious feel and features of the SUV. It quickly began to gain popularity in the market as people leapt to buy these crossovers. Today, we are going to do a friendly comparison between two crossovers in Pakistan – Honda Vezel and Toyota CHR.

The Design – Honda And Toyota

There are some notable differences between these two crossovers when it comes to design. The Honda Vezel sports a standard crossover look from the sides, with an extremely aesthetic front side and a less-liked rear side. On the other hand, the Toyota CHR sports quite an aggressive design overall, with sharp edges and a sporty feel. Both vehicles are loved for the innovativeness of the design and each stands out in its own way.

Honda Vezel and a car
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Toyota and Chr with Vezel
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Storage And Interior

While both vehicles have a five-person seating capacity, it must be noted that the Honda Vezel provides more space for luggage as compared to the CHR. You might have thought that the space would be similar, but the CHR can give off a feeling of claustrophobia if we talk about just the rear end of it. Additionally, the CHR rear windows are at an awkward height so not everyone might be able to peer outside with ease. In comparison, the Vezel offers a spacious boot. In terms of comfort, both vehicles stand out.

vezel with boot space
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CHR and boot space
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The Driving Experience – Honda And Toyota

When it comes to the feel of the vehicle on the road, the two can differ by a margin. The Honda Vezel provides a more stiff suspension, allowing for stability and performance on roads. However, once can also feel a lot of bumps in it. In comparison, the CHR has softer suspensions, letting a person drive with ease on smooth and rough roads both, giving a priority to comfort. That said, the Honda Vezel is for those who enjoy smooth straight roads and stable rides, whereas the CHR is for those who love to cruise and not feel the slightest of bumps or potholes on the road.

Vezel from the rear
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CHR rear view and Honda
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The Verdict

While both of the vehicles are impressive in their domain, there are pros and cons of each. It must also be noted that the Toyota CHR is on a slightly higher price bracket than the Honda Vezel. However, the cost of spare parts and maintenance is higher in Honda vehicles than Toyota ones. Thus, if you prefer more comfort over performance, then the CHR is the go-to. However, if road performance and stability is your concern, then the Honda Vezel is your preferred crossover.

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