Hitting the cinemas of Pakistan this September, Lollywood’s comedy movie Halla Gulla has rolled out its upbeat title track- the Bollywood way!

The singer from across the border Kunal Ganjawala has paired with up with our very own Sahir Ali Bagga and Beena Khan for the pumped-up Punjabi party number.

Watch the title tune Halla Gulla here.

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The song is overpowered by a dose of Bollywood-style music and dance with “firangi” ladies grooving to the hip-hop beats.

Peppered with a high drama dose and spiced with a filmy flavor, the movie stars veteran actor Jawed Shaikh and legendary comedian, Ismail Tara. As per the trend, there will be an item number “Ishq Kamla” in the movie to watch out for!

Check trailer of Halla Gulla and the item song “Ishq Kamla” here.

The movie is slated to be released on Eid-ul-Adha.