Haier DC Inverter ACs are unmatched for energy saving, cooling efficiency, top of the line features and proven high-performance reliability. Haier is the industry standard for innovative technology, engineering design and user-friendly functionality.

Haier being the “Inverter Expert” whisper quiet is the pioneer of the DC inverter Technology in Pakistan. At the very heart of the DC inverter series is Haier’s exclusive innovative A-PAM DC Inverter technology, which effectively reduces compressor vibration at low frequencies whisper-quiet cooling/heating with substantial savings in energy consumption.

Lab tests have proven that Haier DC inverter air conditioners are designed to consume 66% less electricity without compromising operational efficiency, a standard which no other brand in the market can match. This translates into real savings in the household monthly disposal income – consuming 66% less electricity means more money stays in your pocket every month. This also means that in One year of reliable operation Haier DC inverter air conditioners will fully actually pay back their price.

Early indications are that this summer will be much hotter than in previous years, with temperatures an extra 2 to 3 degrees higher than normal. Some places may see the mercury rise to 50 degrees Celsius or even higher. Haier DC Inverter ACs have Tropical 3 standard rating enabling the compressor to deliver exceptional performance in the severest climatic conditions, even when outside temperatures are as high as 52 degrees Celsius or higher.

Haier DC Inverter series are all weather, all season air conditioners with cooling/ heating capability ensuring ideal indoor comfort in summers and winters alike for the entire family.

The wide voltage feature allows the DC inverter series to start and become fully operational even when the voltage is as low as 120V or as high as 250 volts. This makes the series ideal for all the areas including rural Pakistan.

Coming from the global Inverter Expert, the DC Inverter series of Haier air conditioners are today the nation’s #1 choice, far ahead of the competition.

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