Garam Anday

Talking about trendsetting ventures of the past year, one project of THE STORY-TELLERS stands tall.

The project is an innovational take on the conventional release of sitcoms in the country. After Family Front, College Jeans, Teen/Teen we have a new season released on Facebook that happens to be Pakistan’s first Digital-Sitcom: GARAM ANDAY!

With its quirky and attractive title song released by Patari, that also went on to the top ten songs on Signature Tunes on PTV, the sitcom, after its first 6 episodes, was successful enough to be sponsored by one of the leading brands of the world SWAROVSKI.

This proved to be a piece of evidence for the passionate, yet risky, the vision of the team behind GARAM ANDAY!

Talking to the Director of the sitcom we learned about his take on the project. Ammar Farooq believes that GARAM ANDAY! Is a step ahead from the usual viral videos produced by Facebook celebrities.

He believes that the average length of an episode of the sitcom that ranges from 15-20 minutes enables the team of Garam Anday to script the story in more detail. The detail helps in developing not only new Digital Celebrities but also allows the makers to create a proper story line for the digital audience to connect and relate with.

GARAM ANDAY! Faced a lot of criticism before it was being released. Mainly due to a new team of amateurs and mostly because of the length of the digital episodes. Marketeers had suggested that the videos were too long to watch and must be shortened.

The opinion was considered wrong when the audience started reacting positively to the sitcom. People started to relate with the three characters and the side-characters and sent in inbox messages were mostly questions about the topics of the episodes and inquiries as to when will the next episode air?

This demand lead the makers to develop confidence in making Garam Anday for its fans. The young team made a few mistakes in the beginning but with each episode, we saw the content and visual quality iimprovement that got the fans hooked and waiting for more.

With the first season now nearing its last episodes, it can be safely said that there is a new team in town and they are called: THE STORYTELLERS.

GARAM ANDAY! Is a sitcom based on life in Lahore! It revolves around the lives of three guys who share a flat; Saad, Wisam and Ammar. Be it their Malik Makaan Uncle Khan or the nagging neighbors, Garam Anday talks about the changes one has to go through in our lives.

It shows how the current generation is struggling with keeping up relations yet are very much honest to friends. It also shows how a little positivity can always be the best answer to all kinds of problems. Garam Anday is a project that talks about prevailing issues in the society.

One of the recent episodes highlighted the issue of minorities through a character named Raam Das (Played by a Young Advertising Professional Abdul Raheem) in a very subtle manner.

The sitcom has successfully introduced a new market to the digital industry. It has set a trend of creating sitcoms in place of viral videos or the ever-so nagging ads that pop up from and in, everywhere!

Garam Anday Cast

  • Ammar Farooq
  • Shallu
  • Zenub
  • Abdul Raheem Khan
  • Saad Khalid
  • Nida
  • Haider Behzad
  • Maroof Butt
  • Syed Muhammad Abdullah
  • Shahid Khan


Rauf Zahid & Hammad

Today, Garam Anday is successfully nearing the end of season 1.

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