Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5: Hodor’s Emotional Tweet to His Fans


It seems like GOT fans all over the world are crying their eyes out after the heart-breaking death of Hodor in the Sunday night’s episode.

When one thinks about death on GOT, you don’t expect to feel sad, fuzzy or warm but here we are; it was definitely shocking to see the innocent and lovable Hodor’s violent death while protecting Bran from the White Walkers. Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor’s character in the show was a big sweet softie on Twitter;

See what he had to say to his fans:

Kristian Nairn also talked about the fate of Hodor after the show, saying, “It feels very true to Hodor for me.”

Thank you for ALL the lovely messages today guys. I'm literally overwhelmed. I love you all for real X

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While Meera and Bran were attempting to escape from the wrath of the evil White Walkers, the lovable Hodor had to “hold the door” shut to keep the wicked monsters inside the tree.

But the wights break through the door and slash everyone’s favorite character right through it! His death becomes the ultimate sacrifice of a life-long protector!

Watch the whole scene here.  Make sure you have a box of tissues ready!

Now Twitter town is in mourning while everybody laments the shattering demise of the kind soul!

Check out some of the best reactions here.


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Hodor may be gone, however his memory will live on forever with well-placed stickers. Fans in the US are placing stickers in the elevator on the HOLD DOOR button.

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