Economic activity has suffered greatly since the COVID19 pandemic broke out. For struggling economies like Pakistan, this unprecedented turn of events has great implications. The first case of the novel coronavirus emerged in Pakistan in February.

All major provinces of the country have been in complete lockdown since the third week of March, and the jobs and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands have suffered nationwide. Especially, the group of people whose wages are the only source to provide for their families- the millions of Pakistanis surviving on daily wages.

In this time of severe turmoil and uncertainty, PepsiCo Pakistan has risen to the occasion by pledging to provide millions of meals to those who are most in need. With the incomes of millions compromised due to the nation shutting down, there is a dire need for corporations, brands and the more privileged segments of society to mobilize their efforts for the welfare of others.

The #MillionsOfMeals initiative will work towards the provision of meals to those who are most in need. Considering the gravity of the situation in an economic system such as Pakistan’s, it is greatly uplifting for an organization to step forward and pledge their support for the welfare of the nation.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has been plunged into disturbing and uncertain times. In these times, such an act of kindness and thoughtfulness is all that is needed to inspire hope among masses.