By Zoya Anwer

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is heading forward and so is the craze for the incredibly hot, extremely talented and ridiculously rich soccer players. 
Be it cricket, hockey or football, every sport has its superstars who live in the limelight not just because of their talent or physique but because of their enormous bank accounts.

To keep the FIFA fever alive, Wealth-X made a list of the footballers in accordance with their net worth. Let’s hear it for the Ten Richest World Cup 2014 Players:

1) Cristiano Ronaldo: Net Worth = $230 million

Ronaldo 1

Who would it be except the great Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo? The winner of this year’sBallon d’ or has a fortune worth of $230 Million.

Ronaldo’s personal assets account for nearly one-quarter of the combined net worth of the 10 players in the Wealth-X World Cup Rich List.

His incredibly hefty balance is the result of his million dollars brand endorsement deals with Emporio Armani, Nike, Coca-Cola, Castrol, Konami, BancoEspirito Santo, Motorola, KFC, Tag Heuer and Fly Emirates.

2) Lionel Messi:Net Worth = $180 million


Always one step ahead or behind Ronaldo, the Argentinean player, Lionel Messi comes second with $180 Million. 

Messi’s fame and popularity have made him one of the most sought after sports celebrity by teams and brands alike. He has been an active endorser for Gillette, Turkish Airlines, Adidas and many other global brands

3) Wayne Rooney: Net Worth = $90 million


One of the richest English players, Wayne Rooney, known as ‘Waazza’stands at the 3rd place with $90 Million.

4) Didier Drogba:Net Worth = $90 million


The striker from Cote d’Ivoire, Didier Drogba with $90 Million comes at the 4th position.

5) Samuel Eto’o: Net Worth = $75 million


Also a striker, Samuel Eto’o plays for Cameroon and cannot be blamed for investing too much on accessories because after all he is the 5th richest FIFA 2014 player with $75 Million.

6) YayaToure:Net Worth = $60 million

yayaAnother Ivorian footballer, YayaToure plays as a midfielder for his country and has a fortune worth of $60 Million.

7) Frank Lampard:Net Worth = $60 million

lampardThe most loved English hunk, Frank Lampard comes at the 7th position with his riches net worth of $60 Million.

8) Steven Gerrard:Net Worth = $55 million


Following him is another English footballer, Steven Gerrard who is also the captain of his team with $55 Million.

9) Fernando Torres:Net Worth = $50 million


The only Spaniard, Fernando Torres comes 9th with his $50 Million fortune.

10) Gianluigi Buffon: Net Worth = $50 million

bufoonThe Italian goalkeeper has the 10th position in the list with his $50 Million.