FatBurger Lahore was sealed by the Punjab Food Authority. A well-known American fast food chain, FatBurger has been in Pakistan for a while now, with branches in Karachi and Lahore. The chain operates in over 29 other countries, unfortunately, it seems that not every franchise is following the rules.

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According to the report, Ayesha Mumtaz Director Operation sealed Fat Burger M.M. Alam Road, Gulberg (Lahore) due to spoiled meat with pungent & bad odour.

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There were spoilt vegetables kept in the cold storage, as well as rancid oil was being used for frying purposes.

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This is not the first case that has come to light. Recently, the Punjab Food Authority has been taking measures to maintain hygiene and cleanliness all over Lahore. Some international chains such as KFC, Gloria Jean’s Coffees and Hardee’s have come under the crossfire, with many local eateries being sealed and fined for improper storage, usage of expired items, improper labelling and unhygienic conditions.

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