8 Scary Pakistani Urban Legends That Will Give You Goosebumps

8 Scary Pakistani Urban Legends That Will Give You Goosebump
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As they say, the world is a scary place. Well, not anymore! Since the culture of traditional urban folklore and myths seems to be fading away. However, the stories which we grew up listening to were scary enough to terrorize us for the rest of our lives, not to mention the horror of growing up and going out in the world.

If you lie anywhere above the spectrum of generation z, then you must know what I’m talking about. However, for all those younger peeps who are not familiar with these scary old stories, keep reading!

1. The Bride of Karsaz

Many people have witnessed and claimed that they saw a bride wearing a red dress in the vicinity of Karsaz. Legend has it that back in the 1970s, a young couple drove home from their wedding night when they suddenly got into a terrible accident. The accident killed both of them. So, according to people, if you are traveling on this road at night, you will find a beautiful girl asking for a ride only to turn into something evil once you stop and look at her face.

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2. Pichal Peri

The sightings of Pichal peri are usually reported in the Northern areas of Pakistan. Legend has it; if you call its name, it will appear right in front of you. However, two different forms of the ancient ghost have been identified. Sometimes, it appears as a beautiful woman because she can disguise herself. However, in other stories, the witness claims that she looks nothing less than a demonic creature with blood-red eyes and bloody clothes hungry enough to kill and eat men.

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3. The Chadda Group 

The Chadda Group was one of the two sinister groups back in the ’90s. Their greasy and oily appearances made it impossible for anyone to catch them while they broke into the houses and stole valuables and possessions in record time.

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4. The Hathora group

In the late 1980s, Karachi saw an increase in murders, and they were thought to be done by a serial killer. However, according to the police, a group of people would break into the house, steal all of the valuables, and then hammered people to death. The murders caused a massive uproar and panic in the city, and the culprits were never found to date.

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5. Devil’s point in Karachi

The Devil’s Point got its name since many reports of ghost sightings were made. According to some people, a scary older man would read something sinister amidst sitting in the waves. As a result, no one could approach him.

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6. 40 children

It is said that the ghosts of 40 dead children haunt the tallest peak in the Chiltan range. According to this local urban legend, a couple left 40 babies on top of this peak to survive independently or die. According to some locals, if you go to this peak at night, you can hear children crying out in sadness and begging you to climb up the mountain and rescue them.

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7. Pocketknife Massacre

The story goes back to 1988 when so many chain letters circulated all of the internets, and here is an example of one. This creepy letter says, “Please check your chairs when going to the movie theatres! An incident occurred when a friend’s co-worker went to sit in a chair, and something was poking her. She then got up and found that it was a needle with a little note at the end. It said, “Welcome to the real world. You’re HIV positive.” In addition, it was reported that a vigilant gang was stabbing people in the arm with HIV.

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8. Killer Number 

If the screen shows a red number, then there are chances that the people would die from this call. If the person received a call, he will hear a high-frequency sound that would result in a brain hemorrhage which would kill them instantly. And supposedly, there were dozens of reports of people who had already been killed by answering calls from these sinister numbers.

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