Eid Ul Azha 2017: Shameful Act in Name of Sacrifice

The festive season of Eid Ul Azha is right around the corner, as people prepare for the sacrifices they will be giving this year. With cattle mandi’s loaded with herds of cows, goats and sheep people are rushing to buy the perfect animal for Eid which is on Saturday, 2nd of September.

However, keeping aside the religious significance these sacrificial animals hold during Eid Ul Azha, there were some people who paid no heed nor any respect and did the unimaginable!

Ever heard of women trotting about with a cow in a ‘Mandi’ just like it was a catwalk ramp? Yes, that just happened at a Mandi that seems to be called, ‘Malik Farm House’.

Watch the Video to see for yourself! 

What is more, apart from walking down with the cow in hand, the women also danced their hearts out alongside the cattle in the middle of what seems like hundreds of men.

We are yet to understand the point of this behavior, was it to sell the cow off to the highest bidder? Or to show off the great sacrifice that they had just bought?

The videos posted above created a havoc on the internet, not only is it distasteful but the way the women seem to be treating the cows is just wrong! The general public called it as a shameful act that should not have happened at all.

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