By Ufaq Ashfaque


The Pakistani clothing brand Ego collaborated with a Pakistani shopping website for further penetrating into the global market.

With designs produced on a weekly basis and their business booming, Ego needed to pace up, in order to support their business.

It is with this objective that Ego collaborated with, which made shoppers more keen towards purchasing the brand. As online businesses and electronic commerce is booming in Pakistan, Ego managed to improve its current standing, tapping into potential customers.

Consumers are more interested on online pages as compared to visiting Ego’s stores around the country.

Ego has been in the business of producing exclusive shirt pieces, comprising of unique designs, color schemes, designs and motifs for quite a long time. Pioneering in this product category, Ego managed to introduce an exclusive line of clothes that rose competition in the Pakistani clothing industry.

Currently there are multiple brands in the industry that are offering similar products, playing on different characteristics, features and benefits that competitors may have in store. However, Ego continues to revamp its strategies to maintain its position in the market.


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