peel fruits vegetables
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Have you also been peeling your fruits and vegetables all this while? So have we! We’re both guilty of apparently taking away hugely nutritious parts of fruits and vegetables.

Why We Should Not Peel

First of all, it reduces prep time! If you’re making a bigger dish you know that peeling the ingredients takes a lot of unnecessary time. Moreover, the peels of many fruits and vegetables provide abundant antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

peel fruits vegetables
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Medical studies too have proved that eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables (packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals) is associated with lowering the risk of almost all chronic diseases.

Peels Help In Controlling Weight

An unpeeled plant-based diet also provides a rich source of insoluble fiber. This helps you feel full longer, digest better and regulates blood sugar. As a result, you avoid the signals to the body to store excess calories as fat. So eating the peels can help you maintain healthy body weight as well as deliver health benefits  

Reduced cooking time, more nutrition and a key to controlled weight? Sign us up!

peel fruits vegetables
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Some Of The Fruits and Vegetables You Should Not Peel:

  • Apple
• Apricot
• Asparagus
• Berries
• Broccoli stalks
• Carrots
• Citrus fruits (grated or cooked)
• Cherries
• Cucumber (remove any wax first)
• Eggplant
• Grape
• Mushroom
• Peach
• Pear
• Pea
• Plum
• Potato

Did You Know You Don’t Have To Peel Ginger?

We’ve all been there… Ginger is so hard to peel which is why most desi households keep it stored diced! But, according to some experts, it’s hard to peel for a reason which is that you’re not supposed to peel it. The skin actually disappears when you put it in whatever you’re cooking— it’s magic.

peel fruits vegetables
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How To Use The Skins

First, you must wash it to remove surface dirt or pesticides. Second, use a vegetable brush to remove any soil and grit. Unpeeled delights made great homemade beet chips, potato chips, and sweet potato fries.

In addition to fiber, potato skins provide more essential minerals –like potassium, iron, and niacin– than the starchy inside. Iron supports your body’s red blood cell function, delivering energy to your muscles, so eat the peels to have more energy all day long. 

For all these reasons why don’t peel your fruits and vegetables next time!

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