DG ISPR Releases New Song 'Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran' To Honor Our Heroes
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To honor our heroes and pay tribute to the martyrs on the occasion of Defence Day, ISPR released a new song,” Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran,” yesterday, on 5th September 2020. The music video started circulating on various social media platforms and was loved by many.

Youm e Difa – Defence Day

6th September is widely celebrated as the Defence Day (Youm e Difa) across Pakistan to commemorate the sacrifices and patriotism of the brave Pakistani martyrs who lost their lives on 6th September 1965 when the Indian troops took the Pakistani army by surprise and tried to attack the Pakistani Punjab.

The courageous, determined, and patriotic Pakistani forces, however, successfully turned down the attack and forced the Indian troops to retreat. 6th September is hence celebrated with the same zeal every year to not only salute the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the love of their country but also to motivate the ones who spend days and nights on the borders to protect their nation.

Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran

The remake of Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran was released on the 5th of September by ISPR, a day before the Defence Day, to pay tribute to the sacrifices of our front liners and to celebrate the bravery of our nation’s protectors.

The exceptional writer Zafar Ullah Poshni blessed the nation with this song in the 80s. The original version of Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran was composed by Niaz Ahmed and sung by the phenomenal vocalist and singer Khalid Waheed.

Its remake, however, is a collaborative effort of the prominent singers of this era: Ali Azmat, Ali Noor, Asim Azhar, and Ali Hamza. Ali Hayat Rizvi has added some additional lyrics too.

Shot in the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA Kakul), the video of this patriotic song portrays the efforts of the Pakistani Armed Forces to fight against terrorism. The music video also consists of a spellbinding performance by the Army School of Music’s Military Band.

ISPR on their official YouTube channel claimed that Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran is “a very special composition, which can rightly be called, ‘A Melody of Pride’” and that its music video displays “the evolution of our Armed Forces as a cutting edge military structure; second to none.”

Check Out the “Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran” music video yourself:

#Our Martyrs Our Heroes

DG ISPR posted the Har Ghari Tayyar Kamran music video on his official Twitter account with the Our Martyrs Our Heroes hashtag, and people loved it.

Proud Pakistanis came forward to pay tribute to the martyrs and armed forces.

Have a look at it yourself:

We salute the Pakistani Armed forces and pay homage to our front-liners who have been guarding our borders relentlessly.

Happy Defence Day To All Pakistanis!

So, what are your views on the remake of this old patriotic song? Which version of the song did you like better? Let us know in the comment section before!

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