The world’s largest shopping day, 11.11, has almost arrived, and this year, South Asia’s leading e-commerce marketplace, Daraz, is looking to give shoppers their greatest experience yet.

Daraz’s CEO and Founder, Bjarke Mikkelsen, says 11.11 is set to be different than previous years.

“This year, we want to make sure the campaign is not only about great deals but provides a fantastic and innovative user experience. We have been working hard to improve and simplify the overall shopping experience, so products are easy to find and the entire process – from browsing to purchase to delivery – is seamless and straightforward.

“Shopping should always be an exciting and fun experience, and we want all of our customers across the region to have an amazing time this 11.11,” says Mr. Mikkelsen.

Daraz has integrated a range of new technologies into its marketplace to create a more personalised, immersive, and simplified shopping experience of its 50 million products.

One of the latest features is the introduction of shoppable live streaming. This technology allows shoppers to directly engage with sellers through live video, giving them the opportunity to discover new products, learn different ways to use a product, and engage in an interactive review of the product with the seller. This innovative shopping experience bridges the gap between online and offline, enabling shoppers to make more informed purchasing decisions.

In addition, each shopping section has been integrated and personalized. Each user is offered a unique navigation experience on the Daraz app, allowing them to easily access deals and promotions that best match their interests and preferences. The integration of an automated replenishment tool and an automated pricing tool ensures that a large number of deals are constantly offered and that prices remain competitive throughout the campaign.

As well as the work Daraz is doing to sharpen customer experience, they are also making sure 11.11 across the region is delivered in a more sustainable way. Daraz has invested in solar energy to reduce energy consumption, implemented greater automation to reduce the use of paper, and has committed to planting one million trees across Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar.

“As a business, we are mindful that we want to have a positive impact on our communities across the region. While we are committed to ensuring our customers have the best shopping experience this coming 11.11, we also see the opportunity to leverage the reach of this year’s shopping festival to emphasise the importance we place on operating sustainably. We hope this approach will also start influencing our customers to shift towards thinking more proactively about how they can do their part,” says Mr Mikkelsen.