covid vaccine needles fear
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Did you know at least 10% of the population has a needle phobia because of which they won’t seek essential medical care? This is a major concern for health experts at a time when the pandemic looms at large and vaccinations are in process.  

Why Is This Important?

This is an important time to address needle phobia. Being brave means one is afraid to do something but they must do it for the greater good. Some of the symptoms experienced amongst those who have needle phobia are a racing heart or sweating. Or it could also be a sleepless night in the days leading up to an appointment. 

covid vaccine needles fear
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Moreover, some people also experience what’s called a vasovagal response which is a sudden drop in blood pressure that leads to dizziness and fainting. This can happen before, during, or after needle injection which obviously sparks anxiety.

1. Get professional help

Professionals can use exposure therapy to tolerate the distress. These features gradually and systematically exposing you to fears. Therapists can also teach you applied tension techniques that can prevent nausea and fainting from a vasovagal response.

2. Talk To The Nurse Before

Nurses and administrators of vaccines can help you. They can support you, instruct you to lay down, make your muscles tense, etc. They can also help you tense your muscles for 20 to 30 seconds. 

covid vaccine needles fear
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This can help especially if you’ve fainted in the past because it can raise your heart rate and blood pressure.

3. Have a support buddy

Having a support system there can be helpful. See if you can schedule your vaccine appointments with a friend. Or simply call the vaccine centre and ask if it’s allowed to bring a support person. 

4. Distract Yourself

The actual shot is just a few seconds but the anxiety can be overwhelming. Having a distraction can help refocus your mind away from the anxiety, especially when waiting for a turn.

covid vaccine needles fear
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You could listen to something that helps you calm down or speak to the nurse about something at that time.

5. Focus On The Benefits

Finally, remind yourself why you’re getting vaccinated— it is for the greater good. Think of all you can do without fear after you get it done which is meeting your family. Also, know that a vaccine can prevent a severe case of coronavirus— wouldn’t you prefer that?

Take this difficult step for yourself and others.

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