A district administration team has checked the local plant of Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL) (CCBPL) at Rahim Yar Khan and sealed the unit which produces one litre Sprite glass bottles.

On the orders of District Coordination Officer retired Capt Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, an inspection team made a visit to the plant which is located at Shahzadpur Road. The team has found various insects and reptiles as well as lizards within the confines of the plant. According to the team, the plant has not ensured to block out pests and insects from the area.

Samples of soft drinks were collected from the plant and sent for testing at a lab and the entire plant was sealed. Not only that, but the Sprite one litre glass bottles’ entire stock was ordered to be withdrawn and destroyed by the administration.

Take a look at these pictures posted on the official page of the DCO Rahim Yar Khan:

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According to a Dawn News report, this action was taken because of a complaint reported by a grocery store owner who claimed that a lizard was found in a litre glass bottle (serial No 40825) which was supplied by CCBPL plant to him last Saturday.

When the news reached AC Dr Javed Ahmed, he investigated the entire scenario by contacting he CCPBL plant officials, agency distributer and the shopkeeper.