By Zulfiqar Ali Sajwani
Walking down the fashion streets, we observe a plethora of brands hitting our eyes. Each name is distinct, however only a few are appealing enough to score an ace in our minds and hearts. One name whose every attribute displays grace and eloquence, winning hands down in every fashion marathon is definitely none other than Chanel.

Chanel is one of the top end fashion brands that we have in the fashion industry today. From perfumes to clothing, every piece created with the name of Chanel on it is considered to be a subject of study for the fashion fans and critics.

For the youth of today, Chanel seems to be a brand that symbolizes modernity and rejuvenation. However, very few of us know the brilliant legacy that the name carries under its bag.

Recently, the marketers of Chanel invigorated the stories behind Chanel as a part of a 100 year celebration of the brand. The recent video series suffixed as Inside Chanel reflects the nostalgic moments from the time when the brand underwent its inception to where it stands today.

The story of how coco became mademoiselle and then ended up becoming Gabrielle Chanel is extremely captivating. The journey from a young girl to an acclaimed couturier is beautifully highlighted in the articulation of moments. The videos cover her passions, her successes, her sorrows as well as the birth of Chanel N°5, costume jewelry, and the little black dress.

However, this does not take Chanel away from the fact of being the ‘coolest’ brand for the contemporary times.

British Vogue recently reported that CoolBrands list has been revealed and Chanel has topped the charts of being the ‘coolest’ brand followed by Prada and Alexander McQueen.

The key products that can be accounted for this achievement of the brand include Chanel’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner as well as Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette Spray.

If we thought that Chanel can only stand ‘cool’ in front of fashion brands then the band proves us completely wrong by getting featured as the 13th coolest brand in the list that was topped by Apple.

Coolbrands List is developed after a closely monitored consumer survey of 3000 participants whose opinions are voiced by votes. The list being curated by influencers enjoys a lot of credibility in the eyes of the audiences as a consumer rating.

Thanks to innovative fashion brands like Chanel and Prada, the list now holds the names of fashion brands in the top 20 list. To our astonishment, Chanel replaced the famous ice cream brand Haagen- Dazs, paving a way for the fashion brands to enter this competitive list

Chanel has a colorful tale behind its existence that is well fused in its product with the modern standards. With such a beautiful brand image , nobody can question its existence as the top of the mind fashion brand for the global consumer.

Brandsynario wishes a very happy centenary celebration to the state of the art fashion brand that we love to pronounce eloquently as ‘Chanel’.


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