gwadar cricket stadium
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The inaugural match of Gwadar Cricket Stadium hosted by Fakhr e Alam came to pass today on February 19th, 2021. The two teams that played against each other were Showbiz Sharks and Gwadar Dolphins, of which the former won by 12 runs. Originally 20 overs match but then later made 25, SooperHaiPakistanCup will be remembered as a historical event for reasons more than one.

Gwadar – the port city

Firstly, it was an event conducted in a province that has many stereotypes against it. People assume that the province doesn’t have much development. But through this event, people got to know that a lot of infrastructural development is happening more so in the recent years; case in point, the new stadium itself.

The first match in Gwadar Stadium

And that brings us to the second point, it was the first-ever official match to be played in the new stadium. But given that there is another stadium that was inaugurated today only, what makes this different? The picturesque beauty of the stadium made it popular within days all over the world.

Celebrities in the match

Another reason was the players in the teams. Gwadar Dolphins played against Showbiz Sharks, but it was not made up of professional crickets (no, they are busy preparing for PSL starting tomorrow). It was made of celebrity figures from the showbiz industry as well as politicians.

If you couldn’t watch it live on Aaj Entertainment, then let me tell you who participated in this historical match. Involved in the match was the host of the match, Fakhr e Alam himself. Joining him were Faysal Qureshi, Saleem Sheikh, Aijaz Aslam, Shehzad Roy, Sami Khan, and (drumroll) Ali Zafar.

Winners of the match

The winners of SooperHaiPakistanCup were Showbiz Sparks who won against Gwadar Dolphins by 12 runs! That was a sight to witness!

Ali Sadpara – the mountaineer

And last, but not least, the match was dedicated by the Prime Minister to the missing Pakistani mountaineer now declared dead by the family; Ali Sadpara. The mountaineer too was one of the greatest explorers of Pakistan.

He had been involved in several expeditions to get to the peak of the hardest mountains. And paying a tribute to him with the star-studded match was fitting with his life journey.

EBM’s Sooper

Open to all, this event welcomed the Gwadar residents and celebrity guests alike with no discrimination. Just imagine, strolling into the stadium to find celebrities like Ali Zafar, Kamran Jeelani and Ali Safina running around the cricket field playing that one sport we all love so much.

Such a grand event could be only made possible by the makers of the nation’s favourite biscuit, Sooper, which is known for a lot of firsts and being the pioneers of the industry.  EBM’s recent initiative to showcase the beauty of Gwadar has been appreciated by many and they’re surely setting the bar high for many others in the industry.

Not only that but it was also responsible for reuniting Junoon and has several iconic marketing campaigns to its name like ‘Sab se aagey sab se ooper‘ jingle which is still in people’s minds even years later today.

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