It’s safe to say that the Aurat March 2019 was a massive success and the number of people who turned up at the march was ample to demand a change.

The Aurat March 2020 meeting had several women, trans people, and non-binary people appearing at the Arts Council, with the fire burning deeper than ever in their hearts to break the patriarchy and counter sexism from the public discourse, the press, and the laws of Pakistan.

A day before an official statement of the Aurat March’s first organizing meeting in March 2020 there were some people lashing out.

It had managed to strike a nerve when thousands of men came down on Facebook and made a mockery of the entire concept of Aurat March and made vile comments.

Despite the cyber-attack by a troll brigade of mostly misogynist, sexist men who threatened murder, death, and various other forms of violence, the call for the meeting drew a very diverse, inter-class group, including not only women from religious minorities, but also transgender people, non-gender, genderqueer, and non-binary people.

Have a look at how people have responded to the Aurat March 2020. From the negative to positive – there were some mixed responses to look at.

Some people decided to inquire about the real issue people have with the movement 

More people came forward and demanded something more out of the March 

There were some questions about the rights of men

Another user who is in support fo Aurat March lauded the entire concept. 

The responses continued 

And then there was this!

Aurat March has garnered a lot of popularity amongst the masses. This march will show solidarity with their fellow women to push for accountability and restorative justice against violence, harassment, and injustice.

Let us know what you all think about this change in Pakistan that has mixed reactions for the public.

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