By Ufaq Ashfaque

Audi is looking forward to re-define its line of clean diesel car models, running on the Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) engineering.

Audi took this initiative in the wake of National Football League (NFL), one of the biggest global events that take place in the sports industry.

The company is looking forward to design and transform its cars with a new marketing campaign, stressing upon the benefits of TDI models and their utility to give drivers a memorable car experience.

The first ad campaign called “The Station” is a 60-sec ad that introduces these clean vehicles running on diesel.  Also, two 15-sec spots have also been launched, called “Power” and “Range”, showing details of technology – packed with 30% more efficiency and 15% more power to fuel your Audi.

“As a demand for clean diesel is on the rise in the U.S., drivers do not have to compromise performance or design in order to achieve lower fuel consumption and increased range with our new 2014 TDI models,” says Loren Angelo, Director, Marketing, Audi U.S.A.

Despite their product launch and their redefinition, there are other targets that Audi aims to achieve through its new marketing campaign.

One major aspect is to create awareness about Audi’s plans of expansion.  With the incorporation of clean-diesel technologies, Audi is creating competition for other brands, as its investment plans revolve around the new TDI technology.

Also, another objective that the brand is trying to achieve is its concentration towards a more environment-friendly manufacturing process.  With efficiency and power confined into their clean TDI models, Audi is aiming to mould its impression, becoming a ‘green’ brand.


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