Successful Brand Attributes

Apple, Facebook, Google, Pepsi, Nestle, Marlboro. Everybody, literally everybody knows these leading brands. These giants have been catering successfully to the needs of the people right from the time they emerged.

As they continued meeting all expectations, they not only stayed on top, butfurther climbed the ladder of excellence. The question which arises is that whatcharacteristics of these brands enabled them to become global market leaders.

Firstly, the most successful brands have always been the most well defined brands.

Secondly, these brands are unique and stand out from other brands of a similar category to catch attention.

Therefore, it is relevant to the needs of the customers in order to convince them to buy the brand for their own satisfaction. For this reason, the brand is preferably promoted as a ‘customer centric’ brand, which has its first priority set in pleasing its customers to win their trust.

Thereby, the brand generally maintains a soft apologetic tone in its campaign. This is to make up for the short comings its clients have to face.  It further wins their appreciation by giving the customers a higher say in the making and running of the brand.

This not only gives its clientele a sense of ownership but knits it into a mutually beneficial community, which is the aim of every sensible person.

However, along with listening to its customers, the brand is united in its workforce, where from the CEO to the sweeper of the company, all share the motivation and feel connected to their aim.

Moreover, the brand doubtlessly is easily accessible for purchase.

In addition, a well known band is always  globally recognized and required. Thus such a ‘glocal’ brand makes a local as well as an international appeal, mesmerising the target market from all over the world, leading to maximum sale and publicity.


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