Asim Azhar's Shirt Becomes The Talk Of Town & Its Hilarious
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Celebrity interactions with their fans are probably the best part of social media. Among such celebrities, Asim takes the place of someone who engages with his fans often. In a similar instance, Asim recently interacted with his fans on Twitter, but not about his upcoming music, rather, his shirt. Sounds funny? Wait until you see his reaction to a fan query.

Asim Azhar’s Latest Post 

Asim posted a picture of himself on social media enjoying Lahore’s weather, but what caught the eyes of netizens? His shirt! The cute banter started when a fan tried to guess the price of the shirt Asim was wearing.

In the comments of the picture, a fan wrote;

“Did you get this shirt for 800rs?”

In response to the question, Asim didn’t shy away from giving an honest answer. He said, “My mother bought this shirt for me for 300rs from a local shop near my house.”

The Twitter Reacts 

As soon as he responded to the question, a whirlwind of comments started pouring in on his post. Fans began sharing their thoughts on celebrities buying locally made stuff and how this kind of question must not be asked. Some couldn’t resist asking about the shop he got the shirt from. The engagement on the thread is wholesome and hilarious. Let’s take a look at some of the interactions.

Some even mentioned the negotiation skills of the mothers.

Well, we are all up for our celebrities supporting locally made products and owning the fact that they tend to wear stuff that does not cost an arm and a leg.

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