The fourth season of the ARY Cricket Talk Show, Har Lamha Purjosh is now on air, hosted by the renowned comedian, Umer Sharif.

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The show comprises of comedy antics by the legendary host, cricket predictions by astrologists, Humayun Mehboob, Kanaan Chaudry and Shah Sahab, cricket insights by players Kamran Akmal and Basit Ali and standup comedy by Irfaan and Ali Hasan.

Apart from these regulars, Har Lamha Purjosh also features celebrity guests sharing their passion for cricket.

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The show is aired every night at 11 pm on ARY News.

So far, the show has received mix reviews, with most of the viewers preferring the previous host, Waseem Badami, now working for Bol Network, over Umer Shareef. The show has previously been aired during all major tournaments. With Umer Shareef as a host for ICC World Cup 2015, the show is more of an entertainment program than a serious talk show.

It discusses the tension-clad cricket matches on a very light note while predicting the future wins and losses.

To participate in the show, call 03142500042, 03142500043, 03142500045 and 03142500047.


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