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Sanam Saeed, the actress, known for her role as Kashaf in Zindagi Gulzaar Hai, has bagged many projects following her success. She made a movie Cake that was praised by whoever watched it. Her co-star in the show was Amina Sheikh. Saeed also acted in the film Bachana where she came on-screen with Mohib Mirza.

Mohib Mirza and Aamina Sheikh

Mohib Mirza and Amina Sheikh were married and had a kid together. However, the couple parted ways in 2018. It was also brought to light that Sanam Saeed had her husband also parted ways the same year.

The separation and the divorce of Mohib and Amina was quite a drama. But now, speculations are that Mohib and Sanam might be into each other. Look at Mohib being cheeky on Sanam’s blog.

Sanam Saeed and Mohib?

sanam saeed
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I mean, just look at what Sanam wrote in the caption:

”How can we possibly share such massive public spaces, sitting so close to one another in times like these?”

And she added a hashtag, #takemetothemovie.

At this, Mohib Mirza comments, ‘hopefully soon.’ Untrained eye or not, it is pretty clear that Mohib answered what Sanam said through the hashtag.

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Speculations in the air

If anything, Pakistanis are good at speculating. And so you will find comments on both Sanam and Mohib’s pictures where people assume they have seen a spark. Or maybe they heard something. Regardless, comments started appearing where they were asking if the two actors were together and whether they should expect something soon.

By bells, I think it’s safe to assume they mean wedding bells. What other kinds of bells are there?

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Rumor or not, maybe the two were just incompatible with their first partners. And now, with each other, they feel complete.

Assuming the best about everyone, we should wish them the very best if they really didn’t wreck anyone’s home.

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Moreover, Aamina Sheikh has remarried, so Mohib, too, should be wished well if he really is exploring his chances once again with marriage, and that also with our beloved Kashaf.

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