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This year, the Pakistan Super League’s anthem gained many reactions and feedback from the Pakistani public. A lot of people anticipated the song for the event. However, once it was released, it got very polarizing reactions. This year’s song featured Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners, who all contributed to the official song titled “Groove Mera”.

Akcent Hints Of Making Their Own PSL Official Song

The Romanian group, which was known to tour Pakistan every once in a while, took to Twitter and expressed their eagerness to perform the Pakistan Super League’s Anthem.

The music group has been very famous in Pakistan, especially in the early 2000s, and has performed at numerous Pakistani universities, events, and concerts, which immediately used to get sold out. The group is well aware of the love they received in Pakistan and acknowledge it every once in a while.

Akcent has tweeted in support of Pakistan and keeps itself updated on the latest happenings of the country. He is also well-aware of the memes and pop culture of the country and has often participated in the to show their Pakistani fans some love.

After the “Pawrry Hori Hai” meme went viral, Akcent also posted a video on Twitter and made their own imitation of the video that went viral.

Pakistanis React To Akcent’s PSL Collaboration

Soon after Akcent replied to a couple of comments left by their fans and showed their eagerness to sing the official PSL Anthem, many Pakistani fans were delighted to hear about it.

Soon after Akcent made the tweets and comments, many Pakistanis tweeted and posted in support of the Romanian group whose music holds some great memories of our childhood.

Even though PCB and the relevant stakeholders are yet to comment, only time will tell if Akcent has a PSL Anthem for us or not.

PSL 6’s Official Song And The Controversy Surrounding it

Cricket fans anticipate Pakistan Super League worldwide, and while many cricket enthusiasts look forward to winners and how their favorite teams perform, a huge chunk of its viewers also looks forward to its official song.

This year, the official song was inspired by all the elements of prevalent music of Pakistan, including Punjabi folk sung by Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and her catchy verse inspired by Pop, followed by Karachi’s own Young Stunners, who are one of the most famous Urdu Rap groups of the world. The song received a lot of criticism from the fans soon after it was released.

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